Provider Trust + Cassidy Cole Art in Boston, MA

All photos taken by Sarah Henricks

All photos taken by Sarah Henricks

This past weekend I had the unique opportunity to paint in the middle of a National Healthcare Compliance Conference in Boston, Massachusetts. Confused? Understandable.

My friend Dave is the head of marketing at ProviderTrust, a Nashville-based company that “delivers accurate employee and vendor monitoring and OIG exclusion list checks to eliminate fraud and abuse.” In other words, they are doing some pretty important things in the healthcare realm.

One of their biggest conferences in 2019 was coming up in Boston and Dave approached me about an idea he had. Apparently, ProviderTrust had two booths at this conference and he saw it as an opportunity to do something completely different. Not one to back down from a challenge, I decided to jump on board and help figure out how we could incorporate a unique experience with art.

ProviderTrust relies on data, therefore it was important to get this message across visually. My work also relies on data, from experiences I am downloading to the amount of paint to canvas ratio. Eventually, it all has to balance out, so why not take their exclusion data for each state and present it in my own style to reveal a new way of looking at healthcare compliance? It was a long shot, but one that we are glad we took because it ended up sparking some great conversations and consistently catching people’s eyes. Amidst all the clean, tech-heavy booths we had set-up a studio comprised of drop cloths draped over clothing racks and paintings hung on wire by clothespins. I painted 50 small paintings, one for each state, that represented the percentage of data not reported to the OIG. The first layer of blue (representing the color of ProviderTrust logo) was a direct reflection of that data and then the layers on top represented the experience of getting the data based on comments from on of the PT team members, whom I might add gave a wonderfully colorful perspective that allowed me to have fun with it.

For the sake of time and understanding, I used a limited alphabet of color and strokes so all 50 pieces could work well together. Eventually, they will be exhibited as a permanent piece of ProviderTrust’s collection in their new office in Downtown Nashville!

All in all, it was an amazing experience that provided tangible evidence of how art can be a catalyst for fresh perspectives and meaningful conversation in any environment, even a healthcare compliance conference!

I am excited for more challenges like this in the future.