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Cassidy Cole is an artist based in Nashville. She earned her BA from Belmont University and has since taken painting classes at The National Academy in New York City and Watkins College of Art. Cole’s work has been added to private collections around the world including the United States, Japan, Mexico and South Africa.

Known Public Collections

Pinnacle Financial Partners

Tri-Star Energy

The Viridian



I am fascinated by the ever-changing landscape of how we interact with the world around us. The way color interacts with energy; people interact with nature; thoughts interact with emotions. It is ever-evolving and multi-faceted, completely dependent on the underlying elements. My work reflects the experience of these interactions, using layers of different mediums to capture how quickly a dynamic can change once something is added, diluted or subtracted. The goal is to find balance and create a cohesive visual movement that relies heavily on each element of the painting - no one part more important than the other. 

Sometimes I’ll have a painting flash in my mind mid-conversation and I'll jot it down quickly to remember it for later. Other times, I'll stare at a blank canvas until I start mixing colors and play around to see what works. Some I finish more quickly and some live with me for a while until I figure out how to find their fullest expression.  I can’t tell you how many random pieces of paper I have with little descriptions of paintings or images on my phone that I took because I loved the color palette or texture of a wall.  In all of it though, I am present. I once learned in an acting class that you must do all the necessary script analysis and character work beforehand, so that when it’s time to perform you can forget about everything and simply be present. That’s how I currently feel when I am painting. I am trusting in the many years of foundational learning, listening, researching, observing, practicing and developing to be there so that when I walk into the studio I can forget about it all and just paint.